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Transportation Reimbursement Account (TRA)

This content in this section provides an introduction to TRAs and covers the basics of this type of account.

Frequently Asked Questions

My claim or reimbursement request was denied. What can I do?
After receiving a complete or partial denial of a claim, we recommend you contact our Customer Service department for help in understanding what can be done to get your claim reimbursed.If the claim is still being denied after working with us, you can appeal the decision by filling out an Appeal Form. We recommend you work with your employer or benefits administrator to make sure you have complete and accurate information when making your appeal.  Horizon will perform a full and fair review of your claim and provide you with written notice of the decision within 30 days of receiving your appeal request. 

Download the Appeal Form.

You can also designate another person to manage the appeal process on your behalf by completing an Authorization for Release of Information for them.
Can I use my TRA to pay for Uber or Lyft?
If you need a door-to-door commuting solution that you can pay for with pre-tax dollars, you can use Lyft Line and uberPOOL. Both options work with a Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard®.
Simply add your Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard® to your profile as a payment method in either the Lyft app or the Uber app. Then, when ordering a Lyft Line or uberPOOL, make sure you use this card for payment. 
What happens to unused funds in a transportation account?
The money left in your account at the end of the year may be carried over into the next year as long as you continue to participate in the plan.
What types of transit passes are eligible for payment from the transportation account?
Any pass, token, fare card, voucher, or similar item that entitles a person to transportation on mass transit facilities or provided by any person in the business of transporting persons for compensation or hire if provided in a highway vehicle with a seating capacity of at least six adults (excluding the driver) as defined by the IRS.
What expenses are eligible from a Qualified Parking Account?
Parking provided to an employee must be near work or near a commuter site. Can include multiple-occupancy vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks or single-occupancy vehicles, such as motorcycles.
What expenses are eligible from a Vanpool Account?
  • Transportation between the employee’s residence and place of employment, but only if it is done in a “commuter highway vehicle.”
  • Van must have a capacity of six (6) adults, not including the driver
  • Van must use at least 80% of the mileage for the year for the purpose of transporting employees
  • Van must be used for transporting people to places of employment
  • Half of the seats, not including the driver need to be filled


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